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Д'нийская ода
toffyДата: Понедельник, 17.12.2012, 00:10 | Сообщение # 1
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Вот, что бывает, когда приходит вдохновение smile Первый раз пишу стихи на английском.

There were the dark times in the World.
The Ronay people's gone away.
The new Age was now fast unfurled
to find the new and modern way

to live, restore and power all
that needs the light to shine.
They made a book with inky scrawl.
The one which was defined

as one of splendid places ever.
They brought themselves to paradise.
The proud and greed was reaching level
when those who reached will pay the price.

And so the story gets the start.
Ti'ana comes to bring the Fall.
The nation now has gone apart.
Before they died they had a brawl.

Ti'anna came to desert back.
Her son brought Atrus there.
They both were living in a crack.
They had the mystery to share.

the boy called Atrus was so smart!
he studied science, he loved observing.
Ti'ana new he'll learn the Art
of writing books and making serving.

The time has passed and Gehn returned
to take what he once left.
He saw his son's already learned.
And they went down from Cleft.

Gehn introduced to Atrus world
that once was dead and now revived.
The son learned out what dad prefered -
the world at feet. Why was he snide?

Gehn was defeated, trapped in Riven
where Atrus met the love of life.
He left for Myst and was forgiven.
But there was waiting other strife.

His wife Katran who was the Dreamer
presented him 2 newborn sons.
They both became a kind of schemers,
believed that they could rule the Sun.

2 greedy boys destroyed some Ages
that parents carefully kept.
Both Achenar and Sirrus asked for pages,
while were in 2 books trapped.

They asked the man who came to Myst -
the empty island in the ocean.
He fell from fissure which exists
as very slight and fragile notion.

He saved the Myst age and its owner
who got in trap in the K'veer.
How thankful Atrus was, how honour
while talking to the man, revered.

So now the Stranger was a part of story
that now is carefully narrated.
No time to bask in beams of glory.
He gets to Riven - source of hatred.

He meets with Gehn, who wants revenge.
He lures us into his own game.
But he again fails to avenge.
To fall in Fissure was the aim.

Now meet the damage that was given
by elder sons to their dad's ages.
We find the source of all worlds' living -
the nature, energy and changes.

While making all them be in balance
we meet the victim Saavedro.
He cries about the broken essence
he looks for help that we can give him.

The Stranger later comes to desert
to visit friends, to talk to Yeesha.
2 brothers come to bring the hazard.
they find revenge so sweet and dishy.

Who knows which man got a bit crazy
Who's fault that Yeesha's almost dead?
And even from this story which is mazy
The Stranger got out and then went ahead.

In hundred years the Cleft was found
by D'ni Restoration Council.
And many people heard "the Sound" -
they new that someone's calling.

They came to city underground
to find their way and Journey.
They learned the cycle and the round
and their hearts were now burning

with dream to raise the dead D'ni
to bring there life and beauty.
But first they had the Bahros to be freed.
Doc Watson thought that it's his duty.

And now the cavern is reviving.
The great D'ni comes back to shine.
We don't need help, we're not surviving.
We are the ones who can refine.

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MayangelineДата: Понедельник, 17.12.2012, 19:53 | Сообщение # 2
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surprised clap flowers hooray

Кажется, я влюбилась в свой Релто...
Мультяшка_ЮДата: Понедельник, 17.12.2012, 22:01 | Сообщение # 3
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Ого! Тоф, ну ты героиня! hands

Нужна помощь в прохождении? Стучитесь в скайп, ник - Niysiechka.

КИ 10960094 или 12608043.

- Ребят, а вы вообще в курсе, что это - игра?! (с)

toffyДата: Понедельник, 17.12.2012, 22:58 | Сообщение # 4
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Спасибо вам happy

Мой КИ: 17076973
Форум » Мой MYST » Галерея фан-арта » Фанфики » Д'нийская ода (на английском)
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